Friday, August 7, 2009

New Posters!

I'm proud to announce the release of FIVE new posters this week. Available now at OnePoster and Grindstore. See them below.

Master of Mystery :
Feeling Lucky Punk? :
The Brides Revenge :
The First Rule... :
Gunslingers :
Question: What posters would you guys like to see in the future, if any? They don't have to be from my existing portfolio, so feel free to throw out any ideas. Let me know in the comments.



  1. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist would be cool?
    Stand By Me...Love Me if You Dare...The Virgin Suicides.
    All I would LOVE to see how you worked with :)

  2. The Godfather, Indiana Jones, View Askew

  3. would defintely buy a poster of the edward scissorhands. would love to see you do any of the wes anderson films.

  4. There are some good suggestions here.

    I enjoyed Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, and it could make for an interesting painting, maybe along the lines of what I did when I painted Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a few years ago. Stand By Me is a great coming of age movie, and I'm sure a lot of people love it, so maybe. I've never seen Love Me if You Dare, I'll need to check that out. I saw The Virgin Suicides when it first came out, but my memory of it is pretty vague now.

    There will be a Godfather painting down the line, so I wouldn't count it out as a poster. A View Askew poster might happen. Indiana Jones probably never will.

    I'd like to see Edward Scissorhands as a poster, that could look really nice. It's funny, I've come close to painting Rushmore twice now, but it doesn't quite work out. At some point I'll have to tackle a Wes Anderson film, they're really too good to pass up.

    Thanks guys.

  5. Please, Please, Please release a poster of "There Will Be Blood"! It would be the greatest.

  6. Sweeney Todd!!!
    Well, you can choose in all Tim Burton's filmography. But I think it would be a cool painting, one with the Sweeney Todd theme.
    I would definitily buy it!!

  7. Please release Eternal Sunshine.

  8. Scarface, The Dark Knight, The Matrix (Trilogy), Pulp Fiction, and the greatest movie of all time... THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION!!!

  9. I think something with the characters from the Coen Brothers universe would be pretty cool.

  10. I would love the Jaws painting to be released as a poster!! Some classic 80's movies like The Goonies, Breakfast Club or The Princess Bride would be awesome to see.

  11. I'd love to see a shawshank redemption one!

  12. There are a ton of potential scenes you could portray from 'Good Will Hunting'. A great film.

  13. A Lost orientated one would be pretty awesome. As i am a massive fan of the "mind boggling" show, i think your wonderful artistry could definitely make that one an amazing piece. I agree with The Matrix, that would be great. I have recently bought the Kill Bill poster, I saw it and immediately thought 'I have to buy that'.

    Daniel Saul, England

  14. I know someone who would love your Love Actually one, Is that in poster form?

    Ferris Buellers Day - Off would be great, not only because its a fave film of mine but also there are multiple scenes that your art could portray in amazing fashion.

    Planet of the Apes, would be v cool. There are many obvious scenes from any of the 5 movies, but im sure you could find something not obvious that would look and feel even greater.

  15. I think your work is best when applied to action/drama films. You play well with the shadows in The First Rule as well as Meeting Place, so anything darker is great.

    Truth though? I'd love to see something from a comedy. I think Dumb and Dumber could be FANTASTIC, perhaps Tommy Boy? Both have a number of great setpieces to focus the piece around.

    Oh thinking about it now, I'd KILL for a Dexter piece as well. You'd have an awesome time playing with the shadows on his face!

  16. Just picked up your First Rule print from Blockbuster, framed and textured. I'm officially a super-fan of your work! How about some Shawshank Redemption love? Or The Big Lebowski?

  17. I think that you NEED to do Pan's Labyrinth, Children of Men and Avatar. All three of those have such amazing visuals, if they were combined with your mind... would be great. There are lots of fans of each, so they would sell as well.

  18. Death Proof! That one's amazing, it would totally find a spot on my wall

    And how bout some Gremlins? : )

    Great work man, keep it up.

  19. I liked the idea of a matrix, lebowski, dexter, view askew universe, lost paintings...
    Id also throw in the ring:
    red dragon, fargo, true romance,
    snatch, usual suspects, training day,
    boogie nights, unforgiven, kung fu hustle,
    american beautty, sopranos, and dusk till dawn. Big fan of your art. Fight Club, American Psycho, Dirty Harry paintings are fantastic and I wish I could have you commission all of my suggestions. Kevin

  20. I would really like the eternal sunshine to be released. I like the ideas of dexter,usual suspects, the fountain,the deer hunter,swimming with sharks,southland tales,12 monkeys,welcome to collinwood,taxi driver,requiem for a dream,pcu, life aquatic with steve zissou,death to smoochy,natural born killers,and vanilla sky.


  22. The Big Lebowski sounds like it has a lot of support. Dexter too, I'm kind of surprised by that. Not that I don't like the show, because I do. Just didn't think it would get so many people behind it.

  23. I think theres a lot of great art that you can do with Quentin Tarantino's films. I just bought your "The Meeting Place" poster and its great!!! I was wondering if you could make a poster about "The Inglorious Basterds".
    P.S. Remember "Spaceballs"?!

  24. Oh yea "Alice in Wonderland" would be a good one too!!!

  25. I would suggest Boondock Saints. Would make my dinning room more complete since I am ordering Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, and need something for the third wall.

    Some other suggestions I think would be good is,

    Natural Born Killers
    Pulp Fiction

    I could name about a 1,000 more but I'll contain myself. lol.

  26. Also a mix of serial killers. Like a Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc, all in one.

    And that just reminded me of another that I think would come out real good,
    The Devils Rejects

    But yeah as I just wrote, Boondock Saints would be my top pick. Id even settle for a Dexter/Saint/etc combo. lol.

  27. I would kill for the a 'Blockbuster' Framed, textured; There will be blood, Death Proof and Pulp Fiction (with Travolta dancing and Samuel L in blue shading)!!

    I just picked up The First Rule and Meeting Place and they are amazing!

    I would love to see your work on
    12 Monkeys, Dexter, Pans Labyrinth, Goonies.

    Please let me know where I can buy the There Will Be Blood!!

  28. i think the professional needs to be done.
    a dazed and confused painting would fly off shelves, and the movie higher learning. w/so much culture clash goin on in that one it could get intense.

  29. i second the professional, omg that would be great !! also v for vendetta, sin city, pursuit of happiness. maybe when he's in the bathroom/locked door/cryin holdin his son ?
    and i would kill for a "scrubs" poster !!!

  30. im thinking a donnie darko could turn out really stylish...

  31. I would really love to see a Boondock Saints one. Preferably the first movie just because its a classic, though I did like the sequel.

  32. I would for sure like to buy a donnie Darko poster

  33. And a Interview with a vampire one would be sweet to or maybe dude wheres my car with the whole tatoo thing "whats mine say dude, whats mine say sweeeeeeet!

  34. I reckon the pub scene from the end of shaun of the dead could work brilliantly, alternatively one based on the characters from heat or bad boys, or even better lock stock and two smoking barrels would be great.

  35. "Sideways" would be cool

  36. Things I think would be pretty cool are:
    - Iconic horror characters (like Joshwa mentioned)
    - House of 1000 corpses or Devil's Rejects
    - Stanley Kubrick tribute
    - Zombieland
    - Clerks

  37. Without a doubt I would love to see you do the movie "Swingers"

  38. 80's Action Heroes for sure, just bought the first rule, hung it on my wall, I love it, I been staring at it all day long. Another cool one would be ROCKNROLLA, with all the cast. You have some serious talent, keep going, your stuff is going to be as famous as picasso one day.

  39. fear and loathing in las vegas, seven, the usual suspects, the way of the gun, natural born killer, jfk, trainspotting, requiem for a dream, 12 monkeys, american history x, blow, vanilla sky, 25th hour, rounders, traffic, the silence of the lambs, the big lebowski, the professional, from dusk til dawn, snatch, boondock saints, primal fear, punch drunk love, 3000 miles to graceland, man on fire, any given sunday, the shining, full metal jacket, tombstone, the untouchables, la confidential, gladiator, american beauty, jarhead, no country for old men, inception, memento, insomnia, the road, die hard, speed, midnight cowboy, easy rider, the graduate, garden state, brick, being john malkovich, oldboy, zodiac, in bruges, into the wild, i'm not there, moon - a bunch of different sam rockwells, the deer hunter - anything with christopher walken- suicide kings, king of new york, the dead zone, etc. - think he would look really cool through your eyes, same for nicolas cage - leaving las vegas, bringing out the dead, the rock, face/off, con air, matchstick men, lord of war, 8 mm, wild at heart - any david lynch movie - blue velvet, mulholland drive, lost highway, and the best would be bad lieutenant: port of call new orleans with cage and herzog and a bunch of iguanas - maybe even include harvey keitel from the first one. Which reminds me: scorsese - mean streets, taxi driver, raging bull, the king of comedy, goodfellas, cape fear, casino, gangs of new york, the departed, and shutter island. Any of those would be awesome!

  40. Are any new posters coming out anytime soon?

  41. Next up is Trainspotting. Working on it now.

  42. Please don't do a "Boondock Saints" poster! The movie is garbage and Troy Duffy is a hack. The sequel was an absolute joke. drunk five yr. olds write better stuff than that. Duffy couldn't direct please, don't do anything that resembles "Boondock saints". The movie has no business being amongst these classics.

  43. How bout from the movie "Alien" or "Aliens", I think you could do something pretty cool with either one.

  44. Big Lebowski, Tombstone, and Anchorman.

    I'd buy all 3 if you had em.

  45. Boondock Saints!!!!! I have started a collection of you're art. My hubby and would love to see that and Taken on our wall!!!

  46. Justin,

    Just purchased your Fight Club and Reservoir Dogs themed works at Blockbuster....$29.99 I would've paid triple. My girl is freaking out and loves your stuff. Your work is down right brilliant...I was blown away.

    Would love to see more at Blockbuster...Any other place I can purchase more of these paintings (not the posters)? I've only seen your Fight Club and Dogs.

    Would like to add some recommendations if I may.

    Full Metal Jacket - "the famous toilet scene"

    Godfather I - "Micheal's first kill"

    Raging Bull - "Any scene with Jake and his brother at the table"

    Heat - Deniro's whole crew and Pacino in the background

    Scarface - Manny, Angel, Tony, Gina, Frank,and Sosa.

    The Departed - w/ Costello and crew with Walberg, Leo, and damon

    No Country for Old Men - The Coin Scene

    Wall Street - Geccko and Bud Fox with his Father and Hanna somewhere.

    Swingers - Vince and Mikey and crew

    Gangs of New York - Daniel Day in the center of the Dead Rabbit Gang or anything would be money

    Best of luck and success in all your future work and endeavors.

  47. Me & my girl have started a collection of your paintings in our home- we love the framed paintings (blockbuster)We love all of your paintings even the ones of movies we are not fans of (amazing!). Need more framed paintings to fill our house.
    Are you going to do 'Donnie Darko'?

    1. Me and my wife has two of his framed paintings from blockbuster. Do you know what type of painting it is?

  48. DONNIE DARKO- "they made me do it"
    the bunny 'Frank' (would be classic!)
    'Donnie' holding an axe with the water bubble coming from his chest weaving around other characters, such as his little sister, his love interest, grandma death, and his teacher.
    No matter how you did it- it would be amazing.

  49. Amazing Stuff!! Just finished looking at your art gallery and hope more will be for sale soon (especially 80's Action Heroes, Pulp Fiction, Kevin Smith Films Tribute(w/o Mrs.Hicks). The Saturday Night Live Cast is incredible and I'm not even a fan of the show. Looking at comments I realized how you are open to suggestions from others and then turn those ideas into a masterpiece. Well thanks for what you have brought to this world and my home. Anything you choose to do will be brilliant!

  50. I would definetly love to see a poster of
    2. THE RAT PACK with frank sinatra, dean martin etc
    3. BOON DOCK SAINTS pointing there guns with a cigerette,
    4. Mr & Mrs Smith
    6. The Hangover

    im just throwing some ideas for you which ever ones you choose
    i think they would be excellent, and i would love to see them

    you have an amazing talent, i love your work! keep at it!

  51. *The new movie TAKERS with paul walker, and matt dillon, chris brown, T.I harris
    *oceans 11- brad pitt, george clooney, julia roberts
    maybe one with marilyn monroe, elvis ,james dean shooting pool

    just to name a few

  52. True romance would be sweet. So many characters played wonderfully by some huge names. Suicide kings would be a classic with walkin tied up in that chair and Denis Leary in the back. Cool hand Luke is my all time favorite, that would be so cool! Crash and point break just cause

  53. Justin you are amazing. Just have to get that out there. If you are open to suggestions your fans have good taste for the most part. Except for twilight. For the love of god please don't. Twilight Inc has promos. A few I think would be good.
    1. Big leboski- bowling alley Walter dude and Donnie with the test of the cast behind them with a toe in the painting. Lol
    2. Where the wild things are would be awesome.
    3. Dark city is a fav of mine and would look very cool I think.
    4. Donnie darko.
    5. Fear and loathing would be hilarious!
    6. Pans labyrinth would look amazing.
    7. Annie hall could be a classic.
    What ever you choose and do next will be amazing. Keep up the work man your awesome. How can I maybe get you to do a personal? And what are your prices?

  54. Black dynamite!!!!!!!!

  55. ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Not the new one necessarily. I'm a huge fan and would love to see your take on Disney's Alice in Wonderland

  56. Hey Justin
    I know it is a pretty old movie, but I think that you could do alot of good shit with a "Back to the Future" painting. Love what you do with the people in your paintings and think you could put a pretty creative Doc Brown down on paper

  57. HEATTTT.... Heat would be great for a poster.

  58. I think your art works best with darker films like Heat,Pulp fiction,True romance,Full metal jacket,Fear & loathing in L.V.,Taxi driver,From dusk till dawn,Planet terror,Donnie darko,Angel heart,American history x,Natural born killers or Boogie nights.Also Big lebowski would probably come out pretty cool.

  59. 'From Hell'...

    Johnny Depp on dark london streets would be cool.

  60. Ghostbusters or back to the future would be awesome!

  61. the professional
    sin city
    dazed and confused

    all great movies w/equally great characters !

  62. release the one labeled dark knight final as a poster please!!!

    I would love to see an Orange County as well.

  63. i am trying to find a poster print of your 1980's action heroes . any suggestions?

  64. Inside man = great movie

    Titanic but showing the underwater version while safety boats on top would be sick.

    The 300 is a must

    Sin City

    Inglourious Basterds

    Taxi Driver

    Power Rangers

    Jesus from big lebowski just necessary

    Xmen the movie

    The prestige

    The fighter

    Four brothers

    different faces of danny mcbride = Eastbound and Down, tropic thunder, due date, pineapple express, fist foot way, hot rod. Has to happen mate.

  65. hangover! but from the guy up on the roof side now that would be a piece of art. Like him fucking seeing those guys go round LV...

  66. All of these would be amazing:

    Good Will Hunting

  67. DO ONE OF SNATCH!! that would be awesome and i would definetly buy it. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
    Inglorious Basterds is a must
    Gone in 60 Seconds
    Rock n Rolla
    The Departed
    The Boodnock Saints!
    Oceans Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen
    Ace Ventura haha

    hope i can see some of those one day! Great Work

  68. the professional
    sin city
    a guy ritchie character comp
    dazed and confused
    maybe one w/various rappers
    fresh prince of bel-aire
    black swan ! would be bad ass
    descent (rosario version)
    v for vendetta
    office space
    american beauty
    higher learning
    enter the dragon !

  69. Make Eternal Sunshine a Poster!

  70. Empire Strikes Back, Alien, The Great Escape, Ghostbusters, The Shining, Enter the Dragon, Casablanca and Silence of the Lambs ---Maybe a collection of the Horror icons throughout the years.

  71. Would like to see a princess bride poster, fifth element, ooh and maybe harry potter.

    and would like to get a big print of the kill bill poster


  72. need a bigger size photo of the kill bill poster for my desktop background

  73. justin-i beg you for a poster of "the professional"

  74. The Crow! That would go perfect with your art style.

  75. Boondock Saints!

  76. Oh boy! Where do we start. True Blood. Can't deny the fan base there. Spatucus (blood and sand).Yes on Boondock Saints because it IS a "cult" classic. Anything Bruce Campbell from army of darkness lol. Battle Royale. Snatch. The Hangover. Donnie Brasco or Blow. Pale Rider. Apocolypse Now. I agree on James Bond from a few previous posts. A horror villian collection. Shaun of the Dead for sure. Maybe a few kid ones as a thought. New market there. My kids love your work too. Incredibles would be great. Would Like to see your take on that genre. I concur the Crow would be awesome. Sin City too. Maybe "300". Hell yeah on Inglorious Bastards. The Exorcist. Night of the living Dead. From Dusk till Dawn would be Ghostbusters.

  77. SWEENEY TODD!!!! You HAVE to do a paint with that!! Also SIN CITY.
    From TV, DEXTER and HOUSE.
    Son many titles!! Love your work!

  78. love The First Rule BTW....just got a print a little while back.

    I would say
    The Goonies
    the Wizard
    Apocalypse Now
    Full Metal Jacket
    Dexter (TV)
    the never ending story
    The Royal Tenenbaulms
    the Life Aquatic
    Freaks and Geeks (TV)

  79. Horror movies!!!!

    Any and all.

    ~Original Texas Chainsaw
    ~Any zombies movies (best would be night of the living dead, and dawn of the dead, ooooh or day of the dead's "bud" the zombie!)
    ~original The Hills have eyes
    ~House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects

    Other great ideas:
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (better include Jessica Rabbit)
    ~Dumb and Dumber

    Maybe so some music groups too. Popular hiphop, KISS, Deadmou5, etc.

  80. "The Big Lebowski" !!!! c'mon the Dude. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John turturro, Flea, Julianne Moore, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The characters in this film are all completely outrageous and the trippy golden bowling alley setting is so fitting too your style. I would buy it.
    If you do musicians i would love to see The Black Keys recreated.


  82. you on vacation or what justin ?

  83. Best movie ever! True Romance!

  84. How about Movie Western stars- John Wayne,Eastwood,Jimmy Stewart,Robert Duvall and so on


  86. amazing job man!!!
    For the next I propose American history X, Hannibal lecter, the green line, all the guy richies's movies, usual suspect, the crow, and for the fun wayne's world and rasta rocket!
    anyway just continue you are a great artist !!!!!!

  87. Great job!!
    I suggest Inglorious bastards!




  89. really enjoying your work, the dark ones are better
    we still waiting for a compil of horror movies characters as Hellraiser, Dracula (Christopher Lee), Michael Mayers, Thursday 13th, Freddy, Jason, Hannibal Lecter, Texas Chainsaw, the clown from 'It' and others...
    Singles on Dune, Dark City or 'La cité des enfant perdus' (J.P.Jeunet) will be great too
    just a few ideas, thanks for sharing your works steps and choices, that inspire many of us,
    your eye is great, open the second in darkness

  90. I absolutely love your work! & your name (my name is Justin Reed also). I am huge superman fan and would love to see all the on screen supermen together in your style! George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavill!!!!!

  91. I would love to see dexter! Please please please! Love all the work you do!

  92. Purple Rain? Iconic 80's, Prince is already a character, so is Morris Day, so it lends itself perfectly to your artistry. Plus, I'd really like to see how Appolonia looks....

  93. Hey, nobody has posted in a bit! What's up with the Big Lebowski, my guy? I have your "The One Who Knocks" in my office right now! haha I'd love a Big Lebowski right next to it.