Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sketches For Sale

Every once in a while I'm asked about purchasing my sketches. In the past it's not something I've done, mostly because I mainly focus on the paintings. So I thought it might be fun to put a few out there for those interested in them.

I belong to an art community site, which allows users the option to sell their work. To start I've put up twelve sketches that are more or less character studies for my paintings. They're all 11 x 14 inches, graphite on paper for $50.00 each. If they sell well I may dive back into my sketchbooks for some more. Please click HERE for the direct link.

Here are a few sketches I'm putting up for sale:


  1. Hey Justin, big fan, was wondering if you could put "80's Action Heros" up for sale as a poster,it's freakin' awesome and I'd love to have it. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. Justin Reed I just discovered your site. You really are talented. I should know I’m a portrait artist and I do pastels and watercolor. I know good work when I see it. The power of your drawings is phenomenal; the line is the greatest tool we have to use as artists. I love the idea that you have branched out to media and film art. I love anything that is film noir in rich black and white, practically graphic by nature. I want to follow the March 20th comment. Yes you have the open window to do something amazing with 80’s action hero art. I have to add that the Terminator transposed over your face is a brilliant idea. It fits the nature of your pop culture art . You show your audience that you really think outside the box. Your Clockwork Orange milk bar is brilliant as are the views of Jimmy Stewart with the ladies from Rear Window and Vertigo. Isn’t that what separates the exciting art from the mediocre?

  3. Great Work! I post you in

    Saludos (my english is bad, very bad:)

  4. Wow.. This is great! I can say that this is the first time I visited the site and I found out that most of the blogs here are interesting to read. Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful sketches and I definitely visit here more often.

  5. Your posters look real! I haven’t seen an artwork like this for a long time; the characters seem like moving inside your canvass. Great job Justine!