Films That Ever Inspire Crime

The movie usually has a moral message that will inspire the audience after watching it. On the downside, scenes in the movie are also often imitated. If positive is not a problem, but if the negative address Runyan. Take a look at the little kids after seeing Superman movie for example, directly follow-band want to fly. Understandable because it has not understood the truth. But what about adults, is it fair to say that some of the reports mention the crime action happened because it was inspired by the film. The examples are exposed below.


Not long after the movie was released in theaters, some youths without a doubt released their underground video fight on YouTube. Not only that, some youths decided to do more crazy by installing explosives in public places. Luke Heller put a pipe bomb in his neighbor's mailbox while Kyle Shaw set up a bomb near a Starbucks booth and caused trouble.


In this movie is shown a death game "Russian Roulette" immediately criticized for misrepresenting the story of Vietnam war in it. Playing the game in the film starring Robert DeNiro and also Christopher Walken this resulted in increased mortality due to the game from around the world, especially in the United States.


Television series this one reap the controversy because of its unique theme as well as make goosebumps. Dexter tells of a murder investigator in the morning as well as a serial killer at night. The story turned out to be the inspiration of some youth to commit murder. Reportedly, one Dexter fan Andrew Conley strangled his 10-year-old brother. One more of his fans Mark Twitchel kills his victim whom he traps through social networking using a fake identity.


The second film of DIRTY HARRY franchise, starring Clint Eastwood presents a scene of kidnapping a PSK and then killed by forced drinking cleaning fluid. The scene was imitated by an audio store thief in the United States. The criminal forces the shopkeeper by forcing him to drink the cleaning fluid. The victims who did not die soon were raped by the criminals.


The figure dreadful dolls and scenes in the CHILD'S PLAY series inspire some of the chilling murder scenes. One scene inspired by it was the massacre at PORT ARTHUR. The culprit deliberately tortured the victim before killing her by playing the sound recording, "Hi I Chucky, want to play?". The film is also linked to the murder committed by a 10-year-old boy to his 2-year-old sister. The victim was doused with paint and mutilated.


The most popular slasher movie in the United States this became the mastermind of many murders that mimic the method of murder that is in the film. The first crime occurred in 1998 when 2 brothers stabbed their mother with a knife 45 times to steal money for their other assassination plans. The following year, two young men stabbed a teenage boy but did not kill him. The last time, Allyson Cambie had been the victim of the stabbing of her masked girlfriend like a SCREAM killer.


In addition to sparking much controversy when released in theaters, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE was criticized for being the cause of crime in the United States. Stanley Kubrick the director even to pull the film from the cinema UK because the content is. Narrated in the film a group of youths vandalizes by storming into the house and raping the homeowner. Worse yet, the rape they do while singing the popular song, Singing In The RRain.It is this scene that inspires a group of youth to do the same thing.


Who knows what was in the mind of James Holmes who shot brutally during the screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Colorado, USA. To the police, he claimed to be a Joker. "I am a Joker," Holmes told Aurora police officers as quoted by ABC, Saturday (7/21/2012). In the film, the Joker is a clever and cruel rival of Batman. But when the action is sadistic, Holmes actually wearing a face mask like Bane, Batman's enemy in 'The Dark Knight Rises' .

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