Where The Children Sleep

"Where The Children Sleep", the great work of a UK-born James Mollison photographer. This is a photo of children's bedrooms around the world from America, Mexico, Brazil, England, Italy, etc.

Each pair of photographs is accompanied by the story of each child. Photographed over 2 years with support from Save the Children (Italy), "Where The Children Sleep" is a photo and also an educational book involving the lives of children around the world.

1. Lamine (12 years, Senegal)

He is a pupil at the village school "Koranic school" (school of the Koran), specifically for boys. He shared the room with the other boys. The beds are the basis for them, some supported by bricks for the foot of the mattress.

At 6 o'clock every morning, the children start working at the school farm, where they learn how to dig, harvest the corn and plow the fields by using donkeys. In the afternoon they studied the Quran. His spare time (Lamine) likes to play soccer with his friends.

2. Tzvika (9 years, Israel)

Tzvika, lives in an apartment block in Beitar Illit, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. This is a gated area in 36,000 Jewish (Orthodox) haredi (Orthodox). Television and newspapers are prohibited from the settlement.

The average family has 9 children, but Tzvika has only one sister and 2 siblings, who sleep one room. He was taken by car to school. Sports are banned from his school curriculum.

Tzvika goes to the library every day and enjoys reading the scriptures. He also likes to play games that contain elements of religion on his computer. He wants to be a "rabbi", and his favorite food is schnitzel and chips.

3. Jamie (9 years old, New York)

Jamie lives with her parents and twin brother and sister at the penthouse on 5th Avenue, New York. Jamie attends a prestigious school and she is a good student.

In his spare time he took judo tutoring and went for a swim. He really loves financial lessons. When he grows up, he wants to be a lawyer like his father.

4. Indira (7 years, Nepal)

Indira lives with his brother, his parents and his sister near Kathmandu in Nepal. The house has only 1 room, with 1 bed and 1 mattress. While sleeping, the children share a mattress on the floor.

Indira has worked in local granite mines since he was 3 years old. His family is so poor that everyone has to work. There are 150 other children working in the mines.

Indira works 6 hours a day and then helps his mother with housework. He also attended school with a 30-minute walk. His favorite food is noodles. She wants to be a dancer when she grows up.

5. Jasmine (4 years, United States)

Jasmine ('Jazzy'), lives in a big house in Kentucky, United States, with her parents and three brothers. His home is in the countryside, surrounded by farmland.

His bedroom was full of canopies and belts he had won in a beauty contest. He has attended more than 100 competitions. Spare time is used for practice. Every day he always practiced on stage with his coach. Jazzy wants to be a rock star when he grows up.

6. Pending Family (Rome, Italy)

The home for this child and his family is a mattress in a field on the outskirts city ​​of Rome, Italy. His family came from Romania and moved to Rome by bus, after begging money to pay for their tickets. When they arrived in Rome, they camped on private land, but the police drove them away. They do not have identity papers, so can not get legal work. The boy's parents cleaned the car windows on the street. No one from his family has ever been to school.

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